Monday, April 30, 2007

Taking a break from scrapping - My "FrogFlops"

Weird fetishes. Bananas. Butterflies. Folders and paper. Frogs.

Yup. I might not like the real things but I love frogs -- to the dismay of college best friend Gladys who absolutely hates frogs (yep even Kermit and Keroppi)

So I took a break from scrapping today and worked on my entry to the Bananapeel flipflop design contest... and designed my flip flops with what else? Frogs!
I actually had trouble thinking about designs -- because the criteria did not specify if the flip flops should be "wearable" -- well I just played it safe and assumed that they should still be wearable! So I limited myself to something simple -- designing using durable and waterproof stuff. (I would have wanted glitter and paper but I hate the idea of flip flops that can't get wet -- totally defeats the purpose of rubber slippers)


cabbiejanescrapper said...

wow hanna! ang cute naman ng flipflops! im sure it would be a sure winner!! and it would be a commercial advantage for everyone. ang cute ni frog, how did you do it? is it ready-made?or did you construct it? anyway, though im not into froggy thingy, cute pa rin si green frog..!!

carmel said...

I love your "flipfrogs" Hanna! Is mr froggy there made of rubber? Where'd you buy it?

Au Lim said...

hi hanna! you're so creative! love your flipflops design...simple and sooooo cute! totally wearable. hinihintay ko rin ang sagot how you did the froggy, ha. And hey, we share the same fetish for butterflies. :-D

PAMELA said...

awwww... i really love flip flops! ang cute cute naman ni froggy! you know im collecting flip flops kasi. i think i already have 12 pairs!

hanna fernando-pacua said...

Thanks ladies!!! :-) In love din ako sa frog ko :-(( namimiss ko na nga eh!)