Thursday, April 19, 2007

my Scrap history

I remember that I was in 4th grade when our teacher told us that we should come up with a scrapbook at the end of the school year. I had just come from a great US vacation that previous summer and I was so excited. I submitted mine in the middle of the year.

Those days, we still did not have acid free or lignin free or whatever. I enjoyed cutting and layouting in those stick on magnetic albums or in notebooks or in journals. They're all yellowed and discolored now :(

I still had a hard time accepting modern day scrapbook finds. Acid free and lignin free stuff are so outrageously expensive, and for me -- "buying" scraps is a bit contradictory to "scrapbooking" which basically means using whatever's available to enhance your photos.

Oh but the threat of obsolescence shadowed over me as more and more hard to resist scrapbooking papers sprouted all over the place. When my Tita from the states sent me some Creative Memories stuff, I concluded... goodbye principles -- I have to deviate from my old school ways and embrace new technologies. It's just like saying goodbye beeper and hello celphones.

So, from being a lurker at Pinoyscrapbookers -- an online friend, Dianne Mirabelles convinced me to also join Scrapbooks Exchange and be an active participant. And from these two groups, inspiration runneth over.

This old school scrapper and can't wait to catch up.

Well, I hope my wallet can keep up with me also ;-)


dianeskie said...

Wow extra pangalan ko ah! Salamat Hanna! nga pala it's MIRABALLES not mirabelles... hahahhaha! Ingat and I am happy to see more LOs from you! Keep it up girl! WTG!

jennifer said...

hi hanna!

let me tell you that diane was also the one who got me into scrapbooking when she found me in multiply last year. at that time, i am not a scrapper, although scrapbooking has been on top of my interests list. when we became friends, i also started scrapping, legitimately.

i am an old skool scrapper, too, mainly because of financial constraints. i just do what i can with what i have. =)