Thursday, January 24, 2008

One Crazy Year and a Lifetime of Lessons

Inspired by my blog entry here and by the Scrapbytes December-January Challenge, I was able to start making my Up With People scrapbook.

There are hidden journaling under the tags. They're handwritten.

TITLE TAG hidden journal :

" Though the actual journey was only for half a year, my whole 2007 was occupied with thoughts and lessons about UWP. When faced with the question, "How was it?" Explaining the experience to the letter would be very difficult. I could probably enumerate all the stuff I learned ranging from leadership principles to immigration policies, but I will spare you from that overwhelming sensation and share with you the seemingly small but valuable lessons."

LESSONS TAG hidden journal:

"My adventure was never without bumps. I pray that this half year of my life will impact me forever. This page will hopefully serve as a reference for me to look back to when I start to forget about the good things in life, and when I need to be reminded about the lessons I learned..."

I decided to make it a "Suitcase" Theme and I already have a very smart sketch for the cover And the rest of the album will carry this theme ! I am so excited to get started on making the whole thing.

Without a job, I can't go on a scrapbooking binge so I am making do with my current stash and hopefully be able to create the whole album with what I have (this also brings back the essence of "scrap"booking, hehe) I can't even buy those fancy schmancy refillable albums so I decided to use All About Scrapbooking's biggest album, which I hope will work well! (I made provisions for margins tho, so if it falls apart in the future I can have it bound again!.

To save on cash, scrap supplies AND time, I made a layout using more of my style and less "Contest" style. What do I mean by "Contest" style? Oh, fancy stuff. Publish-worthy stuff with all the blings and embellishments that I can't afford, hehe. But I want to create whole albums and I can't afford a whole album if I do it that way. (I also want to make my albums relatively flat and "closeable" -- what good will "acid and lignin free products do if your books won't close flat?)

However, I like my style :-) although I know without too much bling I have a far shot at winning contests. Eh, but I am having fun making and joining. Malay , maka-chamba, eh di hitting two birds with one stone. ;-)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Split Personality

This LO won the June 2007 Scrapbytes Challenge "Man of the Hour" (YEY! I don't know how to claim my prize tho! I was out of the country by the time I learned I won.. pero .. YEY pa din !)