Thursday, April 19, 2007

prolific bananaspin -- My Scrap Blog

How many blogs do I own?

I've lost count. From the top of my mind here are the blogs that are still worth visiting. it seems that my creativity these days is bursting to come out. if time permits i'd rather be creating something all day than spending time here in the office (oops, delinquent behavior: blogging in the office!)
the original blog which carries anything under the sun. rants, raves, trends and what have yous. this one is constantly evolving.
my development work/ school blog. watchout for updates because i'll be going back to school in june
bananaspin's kutkots. stuff I make -- digital layouts, crafts, paintings, etc...
mine and sam's -- things we are able to do together

and now I am creating this one -- and vow to devote it to scrapbooking. I figured it's easier to highlight things through blogspot rather than at multiply which is so scattered.

my blog. my life. my scraps.

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