Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sad about the FrogFlops

Does anyone know where I can contact the BannaPeel people?

I was just so pissed off at SM yesterday when I rushed to submit my slippers.. the deadline clearly said May 1, 2007 -- 9:00 PM.

When I went to SM Makati at around 1PM yesterday to submit my entry, the salespeople were clueless about it! The drop box was nowhere in sight and turuan sila ng turuan.

Finally somebody approached me and told me na tapos na daw ang contest kasi. I told her , it says clearly on your guidelines that the deadline is today at 9 PM , bakit wala na?

Then she answered me with, "Kunin ko na din po pero di po namin sure kung makakahabol" -- Sabi ko , "Siguraduhin mo, kasi yun ang nakalagay sa guidelines"

I gave it to her. Well, my mistake was I did not get her name :-( or the brand manager's name :-( , feeling ko wala ako habol sa frog-flops ko :-(

Why such a big deal about the slippers and the contest? Una, it's P150.00 and a good pair of slippers (meaning, nagprofit ang BananaPeel at SM sakin, tapos wala naman ako napala) -- and of course , I just loved the frogs I made and they came out really cute. Huhuhu. I fear that these might just get thrown in an SM Bodega and I can't even claim it after the contest.

I'm thinking of calling BananaPeel head office just to make sure, di bale nang wag masali sa contest, as long as I get my FrogFlops back! waa.

Consumer Rights! Consumer Rights!

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